Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Get Met? You bet – and how - coming out of K.C.

When you're a Jet, you're a Jet all the way
from your first cigarette to your last dying day.

When you're a Jet, let 'em do what they can;
you got brothers around; you're a family man... - Leonard Bernstein, “West Side Story”

"You see a lot more meanness in the city; it's the kind that eats you up inside," Don Henley sang.

Gotta agree with the old boy. - The Legendary
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New York - A lifelong Jets fan suffered a fractured jaw, cheekbone and eye socket; he also has bleeding on the brain following a beating he got in the parking lot following a New York Jets v. Kansas City Chiefs game.

“You all deserved what happened on 9/11," a woman standing in a crowd of men wearing Chiefs regalia screamed at him, according to the victim's distraught family told the New York Post.

James Mohr, 23, a physical-education teacher at the Bronx Guild vocational high school, was wearing his Jets gear after the team's 37-10 victory as he walked through Parking Lot J at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, N.J., when a woman standing with a pack of men allegedly screamed the vile taunts, the “New York Post” reported.

Mohr took offense and told the rowdies their 9/11 insult was "disrespectful," his sister, Anna Mohr, 28, told the Post.

"Our other brother is a fireman, and my father is retired FDNY, so you can understand why a 9/11 comment would especially irk him," Anna said. "He was shocked anyone would actually say something like that."


Standing at the self checkout counter in H.E.B. last night, I had one of those senior moments when you forget when to punch the button on the screen, slide your card, and respond like the good little robot the bankers want you to be.

A bunch of Afro-American kids were standing behind me, complaining loudly about "This Santa Claus-looking MF," and what a "blue-eyed devil" I am.

I said something pithy and gave them the old four-cheek turnabout treatment before I strutted away in "high catoque," as W.C. Fields would have put it. Might as well make sure we have all four cheeks turned to the breeze so they can cover all the bases, no?

Pity the fool I get pithy with, y'all, for I truly know how to get with the program. Dig?

Anyway, I caught the look in their eyes - just before I turned to go - and it wasn't pretty to look at.

Looking through the windows of their young souls, I saw something astonishing.

They still want to believe! In something, I'm not sure what - nor are they. But they want to believe in something - Santa Claus, the devil, the color of a man's eyes - something.

That's the ticket.

They're really and truly still too young to hate, to really hate, and that's the damn truth. Better walk along with that because, you know, we'll either live together - as men - or we'll perish together - as fools.

- The Legendary

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