Saturday, December 10, 2011

GEO Group

Private prison complex a thriving business in a tanking economy
Prisoner bonds futures traded on Wall St by investment bankers

In the USA, the prison business is huge. Under the guise of punishment for a crime, prison owners have extremely cheap labour at their disposal. At least 86%, and possibly 94%, of all prisoners are nonviolent. They are there because they contracted with thugs - those who convinced them that doing drugs, most of which is marijuana and possession thereof, and ‘under the law’ they are to be punished. Now they are working for pennies an hour.

The drug biz is only the means to the end which is prison. Prisoners’ bonds are sold on the securities market to A G Edwards and Merrill Lynch. A felon is worth about $4 million, the city of the prison gets $40 million. Investors offer to buy for 40% and increases minimum 200% for bank securities. Over 50% of money market bonds are purchased in the Orient. The stockholders are the owners of Correction Corp of America which owns all the private prisons and sell the commercial paper on each prisoner/ slave.

Paine Weber is the prime stockholder. If you hold stock with these international businesses you are betraying your fellows by keeping them in prison for a commercial crime, yet not the true crime of infringement on the life, liberty, property, or rights of another living soul. You wonder how the USA can afford a war? The banksters are selling your fellow living souls as goods which are warehoused in the prisons of the corporate USA/CA. Sixteen (16) pages of corporations are identified as involved in Prison Profit.

Don't bother to ask to look at their books - this aspect of their biz is not published. All investment firms work for the USA/CA. If you are involved, you might want to re-assess your intentions from a more ethical perspective. Every prisoner bond has a Committee on Uniform Securities Identification Program number (CUSIP) so you can track the trade and how much the principal (the prisoner) is worth, the funds of which he’ll never see...
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