Friday, December 30, 2011

Government contractors hired to create phony faces

From Deep Cyberspace – He's usually a very engaging middle-aged man with a military or law enforcement background.

He retired early, works as a contractor, self-employed, consults on rather murky matters political, military, security or business logistics.

Pick one.

Savvy, well-groomed, dressed-down business casual in chinos and a pressed plaid or colorful business shirt and ball cap, our man usually carries a thin laptop in the ubiquitous and utilitarian black fabric attache case.

Apropos nothing in particular, he points out that someone has already established a Facebook or Twitter account for his – ah, well, you know – target. But – you see - there seems to be a glut of messages in the in-box.

Why aren't you responding to your messages? Don't you realize how much better connected you would be in your business, blog, merchandising, contracting, media relations – or – whatever?

Et cetera.

Don't understand how it works? Our man will be glad to assist. Just let me see – here we are – let's sit here in the Food Court, McDonald's, Starbucks, sidewalk bistro or gin mill. How about a glass of iced tea? We'll sit here and – there it is.

Your Facebook page.

Now, then...

It happens every day. Graham Greene would be proud of our man in Havana. He translates so well from the Oxonian dialect into techno-savvy American business school English.

Hard drives crash, databases disappear, security threats materialize and are resolved with only a few key strokes – and the mission is accomplished.

Our man just acquired an asset and all key surveillance and reporting capabilities, an automated and movable feast of information that will allow his employers to predict and surveil to their hearts' content on a 24/7 basis.

The beautiful part is that the targeted asset pays the bill through internet service, phone fees and service charges.

Read all about it.

- The Legendary

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