Thursday, December 29, 2011

Demonstrative DA candidate lived down dark past

Mad dash in Austin traffic
= 1 year of probation

Austin – Be it remembered. Hamilton attorney Rickey Lee Bryan gave a female worker from the State Prosecuting Attorney's office an eyeful in Austin's congested morning commuter traffic on busy Hwy 290 East one morning back in 1993.

Mr. Bryan is a candidate for 220th Judicial District Attorney in the Republican primary. He opposes veteran prosecutor B.J. Shepherd, whose district comprises Bosque, Hamilton and Comanche counties.

According to a probable cause affidavit filed by Sergeant G. Elder of the Department of Public Safety, Mr. Bryan committed the Class B misdemeanor offense of indecent exposure when he paced a car driven by Sandra Lee Wachsmann in traffic, speeding up, slowing down and smiling at her as he masturbated in the driver's seat of his Buick “recklessly and in conscious disregard of whether another person present would be alarmed and offended by such an act...”

Ms. Wachsmann told the DPS officer that Mr. Bryan followed her at speeds approaching 75 miles per hour, then slowing to 35-40 mph.

“Victim attempted to slow down, to speeds of 35-40 miles per hour, to allow the white Buick to pass, but the white Buick would also slow down and driver, each time was observed to be masturbating and smiling at victim...”

She identified Mr. Bryan from a photo lineup after supplying officers with a description of his vehicle and license number.

He served a year's deferred adjudication, paid a bond of $400, court costs, and was ordered to submit to blood and breath tests as directed by probation officers.

According to Bosque County Republican Chairman Tom Bratcher, who turned the documentation of the case over to newsmen for their scrutiny, “I would do this even if he was running unopposed. I'm not taking sides. Whether that person is opposed or unopposed makes no difference.”

In taking his oath of office, he explained, “I promised Bosque County voters I would run people of high moral integrity...It's incumbent upon me to inform people when we have candidates of dubious background...”

In passing, he asked in wonder why no media outlets in the surrounding area would publicize the details of Mr. Bryan's 1994 court case.

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