Saturday, December 17, 2011

Newt's ties to Freddie on Wall Street Journal op-ed page

WSJ: "The real history lesson here may be what the Freddie episode reveals about Mr. Gingrich's political philosophy. To wit, he has a soft spot for big government when he can use it for his own political ends...Mr. Gingrich would help his candidacy if he stopped defending his Freddie payday, admitted his mistake, and promised to atone as President by shrinking Fannie and Freddie and ultimately putting them out of business."
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It all reminds The Legendary of the laughable conundrum Mr. Gingrich faced upon his election to the post of Speaker of the House of Representatives. He had accepted a massive advance of several million dollars on a book he was to author about the Contract On America. What to do?

He returned the dough to the publisher.

At the time, I and my colleagues of the spit and whittle club crowed - calling for Newtie to resign his post, tell the publisher thanks a lot, and strut away in a posture of great moral courage. - The Legendary

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