Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Has anyone checked that courthouse door?

Waco - Nothing is posted on-line as an agenda for the McLennan County Commissioners Court.

The agenda for the next regular Commissioners Court session
is not yet posted.  Agendas are normally posted on
Thursday afternoons or Friday mornings for
the coming Tuesday morning Court meeting - and
must be posted at least 72 hours before a meeting starts.

At this time, no supplemental agenda/s have been
posted relative to the currently posted, next
regular Commissioners Court meeting.
  Supplemental agendas must be posted
at least 72 hours before the meeting starts.


  1. Mr. Legendary

    Strange, I found it. Did you look under the Special Session link?

  2. Definitely! I faithfully recorded what I found there. - The Legendary

  3. Hello Mr. Parks. I wanted to respond to the article on today’s “the Legendary” website entitled “Has anyone checked that courthouse door?” The article mistakenly gives your readers the impression that the Commissioners Court agenda for today’s meeting, 12/27/11, was not posted to the McLennan County website. The 12/27/11 CC agenda was properly and timely posted both at the courthouse door and on the McLennan County website. I believe that there must be confusion over how Commissioners Court agendas are posted on the website - and in the interest of clarity and “getting things right,” I would like to provide some information. The McLennan County website has a link to the “Commissioners Court”. From there, you will see a number of link choices, one being for REGULAR Session CC meetings and any accompanying Supplemental agendas, if any – and another being SPECIAL CC meetings and any accompanying Supplemental agendas, if any. CC meetings are deemed to be Regular or Special CC meetings according to the date of the meetings. The CC meeting held on the 1st Tuesday of each month is designated as a Regular CC meeting; subsequent CC meetings during that month are designated as Special CC meetings. CC agendas are timely posted to meet the 72 hour posting requirement under either the Regular or Special “link”, as appropriate. Thus, the 12/27/11 CC agenda, a Special meeting, was properly posted under the Special agenda link. By way of further explanation, I would also like to explain that each week’s CC agenda is removed from the county website by our IT department at the conclusion of each CC meeting – after the county judge’s office notifies IT staff that the meeting has been adjourned. Hopefully, Mr. Parks, this explanation will be helpful to you in understanding the agenda posting process. If ever you are having difficulty in locating a posting, if you would like to contact me, I will be happy to assist. Thank you. Lynne Lockwood

    This is exactly what I did. I faithfully recorded what I found there. - The Legendary