Saturday, January 7, 2012

Captain Moonlight on the need for less anger

Meridian – Bosque County Judge Cole Word is facing open heart surgery following a stroke that left him speechless and hospitalized.

According to family members, a growth on the judge's heart caused a blood clot to lodge in his brain, which caused the stroke.

This past Tuesday, on January 3, he told newsmen that he is committed to seeing that “what happened up in the Pacific Northwest this past week never happens again.”

Judge Word was speaking of an Iraq veteran who allegedly murdered a female police officer at Mt. Rainier National Park after he refused to stop his car on her command.

The man reportedly has had numerous run-ins with the law following his return from the combat zone, was involved in a custody dispute with his wife over their child, and had become very angry at conditions of his life. He was a victim of post traumatic stress disorder.

He was later found dead in a snow bank.

Judge Word responded to the demand of a Vietnam veteran who called him, outraged that the city council at Robinson refused to all Caleb Duty, a two-tour veteran of the Iraq war, to hold a country music festival on his rural property near that city. They cited safety concerns.

But ordinary social conventions as to safety and law and order are out the window when you're dealing with men whose perceptions have been altered by months upon months and years upon years of conditions that defy ordinary logic.

The truth is that experts who treat post-combat psychological injuries all agree that a veteran of the Iraq war is very likely to ignore a police offier's demand that he stop his vehicle.

Most deadly ambushes of GI's take place at just such a juncture, when enemy combatants disguised as police officers swoop on unsuspecting soldiers and Marines.

Mrs Sonja Word posted this update on the judge's condition on-line:

They found a growth on Cole's heart that caused the clot that caused the stroke. Sometime in next week or 2 he will have open heart surgery. Not sure what plan is until then. We are taking this deal an hour at a time. Good news is that his speech is improving. He was working so hard to ask a question earlier, but was just too worn out to spit it out. still was great progress! He is AMAZING, but then, yall know that. Thank you all for texts-and calls-please forgive me if I don't respond personally to them all. I'm doing good to keep up with this. Please keep prayers coming. Love to our friends.

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