Thursday, January 19, 2012

Just Call it...

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An Anonymous reader commented thusly:

AnonymousJan 19, 2012 08:51 PM
I think the Legendary missed the real crime. According to the Open Meetings Act, Mr. Snell's meeting was illegal. If a quorum of Commissioners are present and discuss county business, even if one is on the phone, it is considered a called meeting by law. The meeting is illegal in that there was no public notice posted 72 hours before this called meeting. There are no public minutes that can be reviewed of this meeting since the County Clerk's Office wasn't present at the meeting, I'm sure because they didn't know about it either. So it would seem the actual crime isn't the Commissioners spending money, but that Mr. Snell betrayal of public trust in calling a clearly illegal meeting. Good work on uncovering Mr. Snell's illegal activities!!
AnonymousJan 19, 2012 05:40 AM

Can you post the invoice for a 6 million main frame or do you just not care about the facts. 6 million dollors being attached to a project is a major fact.

The LegendaryJan 19, 2012 05:47 AM

I have spoken with Mr. Chambers about this matter twice. Both times he assured me that it is a material fact that McLennan County has invested that much in a main frame computer system. Suppose I am in error, and it's only $1 million, after all. Hell's bells, let's make it a meaaly $100,000. I put it to you, sir. Is it a good use of what resources are available, be they worth $6 million or two bits, to ignore the fact that the money has been spent for a purpose and then turn around and subvert that very purpose? I put it to you, sir. It's the very principle of thing that that is at stake, here, sir. That ought to hold you, Mr. Anonymous. That ought to hold you. Why don't you post the invoice for what it really cost and leave me in peace? How about that? There's an idea for you. - The Legendary


AnonymousJan 19, 2012 02:01 PM

So let me get this straight.... YOU post bad information, YOU get called out on it and because of it YOU try to throw it back in the persons face instead of admitting you were wrong.... wow

The LegendaryJan 19, 2012 02:52 PM

Yes, let's do get this straight. You are very belligerent and you are in a very ignorant mood, so you begin to berate me about something I have confirmed to the best of my ability. You call this calling me out? I haven't been called out by an anonymous mouse, hoss. Far from it. Step up here into the light, let me see your face, and we'll see about that, okay? You ain't called out anyone, Mr. Anonymous. What's that name, dude? You got one? You got two? Huh? - The Legendary Jim Parks


You see, dear hearts, I never said they purchased a main frame computer upon which to run accounting and payroll software that will schedule pay days on a 26-week schedule. I said the main frame computer system cost $6 million, according to the County Auditor. I have checked back with him twice, now, and he says that is what he said and it's what he meant.

The only person in the world who has said it was purchased specifically to run a 26-week pay schedule is our belligerent Mr. Anonymous, here. It seems he has a problem with his reading comprehension, no? Whatever. I know someone here has a problem. That does not necessarily mean The Legendary has to make it a part of his problem - if any.

Just call it...

- The Legendary


  1. McLennan County does not have a 6 million dollor mainframe. If the mainframe you are talking about has nothing to do with the MUNIS software why bring it up. Again the only mainframe the county has is the one they run the CJIS system on and that software has been in place since the 80s.

  2. If your readers want to know the truth about what equipment, the Munis software is running on they can read the Tyler Munis ASP contract in the Commissioners’ Court minutes on “1-11-11”.

  3. The Anonymous that commented about the illegal meeting was very accurate and Snell this meeting should be called to the attention of the District Attorney's Office for the crime that it is.

    On the issue of the "$6M mainframe", I think we have what is termed a red herring here. Actually Chambers and the other Anonymous are both correct in their statements. The contract for the new Tyler Munis (accounting, payroll, etc) is a "hosted" system. That means that the County, for purposes of the Tyler Munis system, does not and never will buy a mainframe on which to operate it. A simple way to explain a hosted system is to just state that the mainframe is owned and located at a remote location by the software provider or a third party. In this case the mainfram is owned by Tyler and resides in the several northeastern states in a "cloud" environment.
    That said, the County did buy a mainframe back in the early 2000's on which to operate the old software and other County computer applications. That mainframe was acquired through a capital lease of approximately $6M, including interest, and is now obsolete - obsolete, as in no entity will issue a maintenance agreement on it nor will anyone work on it. The County has many software applications it runs on County mainframes such as the courts system and numerous others - but the new Tyler Munis system does not even run on a County owned computer.

    What we have here is a failure to communicate - "the warden on Cool Hand Luke"

    1. The mainframe in question was passed in the Commissioner's Court on 11/03/09 for $466,385.96 on a pre-paid, 60-month contract. This includes hardware, software licensing, and Software/hardware support.

      At that time the following departments software systems that ran on the mainframe:

      Sheriff's Office
      Jail Management System
      Indigent Healthcare
      Justice of the Peace
      Constable Service
      District Clerk
      District Courts
      County Court at Law
      OCA Collections
      County Clerk

      Systems move off the mainframe since the purchase:

      Justices of the Peace
      Indigent Healthcare

      I hope this clears up any questions.

    2. Thank you, My mistake - The Legendary

  4. "In May, the Court voted to go to a 26-week pay system after an expense of nearly a half million dollars to install the new software on a $6 million main frame computer." This is an error. According to the court minutes, the software is hosted by the software vendor. So your report is still incorrect.