Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Catch a dose of PTSD – Watch this film about PTSD...

You've heard all about post traumatic stress disorder, the baffling and painful condition combat veterans bring home with them.

If you want to get a close picture of what it looks like and sounds like, watch this film trailer from “To Hell and Back Again,” a feature length film you can watch in its entirety on

Produced and directed by combat photographer Darfung Dennis, a seasoned “New York Times” and “Washington Post” shutterbug who toured Afghanistan embedded with the U.Marines, the film got mojo recognition by winning two awards at the Sundance Film Festival.

It follows the career of Sgt. Nathan Harris, a 25-year-old grunt who stopped one in the fight to pacify Afghanistan and came home decorated with a Purple Heart.

The film opens with a Marine officer lecturing his people on a new phase of the combat surge in the Afghan.

“We're experts in the application of violence,” the man says, and from there, the film is an emotional roller coaster that takes you from the front lines of the war to the check-out lines of the local Wal-Mart, and from there to the front lines of this morbid and crippling disorder of post traumatic stress disorder which dictates that an otherwise normal and quite superior warrior must adjust for the rest of his life to the totally abnormal conditions of the smoke and fire and hell of war in all its violent and terrifying aspects.

Waco VA Medical Center will serve as a national clearing house for treatment of the the condition as troopers and Marines, sailors and airmen are returned to civilian life.

A local Marine veteran, Caleb Duty, is working to organize a two-day country music show at Meridian, Texas, to raise consciousness and greenbacks to support national service organizations' efforts to ease the pain and speed the recovery of combat veterans coming home from the long war just concluding. Contact Mr. Duty at

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