Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Terrorism act puts County Sheriffs at crossroads


By former Phoenix Police Department Intelligence Officer, Jack McLamb, Ret.

This article will accomplish at least two objectives. First, it will inform county sheriffs that one day they may very well be asked to help round up average, everyday citizens who disagree in some fashion with the national/international government. Secondly, it will serve as one more example of how the federal agencies can cause chaos in a sheriff’s county. A few years ago, my good friend, Maricopa County, Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio, was set upon by numerous concerned and angry citizens and media personnel demanding an explanation, when a certain circulating brochure came to light publicly, having been issued secretly by the Joint Terrorism Task Force of the Phoenix, Arizona office of the FBI. This was in the fall of 2001, quite soon after “9/11”. Since the face of the brochure bore the Maricopa County sheriff’s badge right alongside the FBI logo [obviously to give it more “weight” with law enforcement] it was understandably assumed that the brochure had resulted from cooperative effort between the two agencies. Fact is, however, according to Sheriff Joe Arpaio, that no prior notice had been given to Maricopa County Sheriff’s office, nor any approval for use of the badge obtained. Nevertheless, by means of this brochure, the FBI agency engaged in instructing sheriff deputies and city police officers concerning just who the local domestic terrorists might be… going on to list, and thereby implicate, actually a very large percentage of the general population. This was the federal government’s attempt to get local law enforcement to take special care and attention when we come across “any such criminal types”, and, in filling out our data reports on them, to get the intel into the federal governments computers A.S.A.P. This sounds good, doesn’t it? Who could be against such diligent anti-terrorist activity on the part of our nation’s protectors?

To begin with, perhaps we should take a little closer look at the FBI sub-agency assigned to create and disseminate the brochure. The Joint Terrorism Task Force was created by the federal government for the purpose of gathering and distributing information on individuals and organizations which certain far-left hate groups [examples Brith [ADL] and lawyer Morris Dees’ Southern Poverty Law Center [SPLC] present to state and federal governments as “the bad guys” in our society. It has been common practice for such organizations to target individuals and groups they wish to destroy.

I speak as a police investigator who served many years in a very large metropolitan city when I say that for 30-plus years now, the federal government has intentionally permitted international leftist hate groups to make up the lists of who they deem “the real threats to our nation”. We lawmen could discuss at length why the federal government has this close alliance with these far-left associations of the private sector, but it would take far more pages than this particular publication can spare. For now, with respect to the vital issue at hand here, suffice it to say that we hope to convince you sheriffs that the international political leaders in Washington today want to see you and us [both sheriffs and cops] critically surveil and record everything we can possibly learn about those fellow Americans “on the list” – whom these radical leftist hate groups wish eliminated.

Sheriff, as you scan the text of the FBI brochure, you will notice that it does include a number of groups which we officers believe are true American [right wing] hate groups [though not terrorists, perhaps]. By including these groups in this brochure it serves to paint as domestic terrorists [i.e., “guilt by associate”] the rest of the groups listed – those who are mostly just good, honest, dedicated and concerned Americans. Granted, there probably are groups and individuals [with differing beliefs and life styles] listed here, whom you and I may not exactly choose to invite home to dinner – some with whom we may even strongly disagree, in fact. But it is very important for us lawmen to recognize, however, that this does not make them terrorists nor criminals.

Well, dear brother sheriff, perhaps we can now examine just a few of the various group listings on this “for cops’ eyes only” brochure, on the face of which we read the following emboldened plea from the FBI:...

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