Saturday, January 21, 2012

Don't like SOPA, NDAA? We can fix that...

Legalistic court strategies dead – nullify
From Tenth Amendment Center

The federal government has twisted most of the founders’ constitution beyond recognition. One of the worst is in Article I, Section 8, Clause 3. Under the Obama-Bush-FDR-Santorum view of the Commerce clause, the federal government can “regulate” and control anything that moves – or even inactivity too. No government and no person can be trusted with this kind of power. States are pushing back on this, and closing out the show, we share some good news from Mike Maharrey on restoring the founders’ view of the Commerce clause…

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El Paso county in Colorado Passes Resolution Nullifying the National Defense Authorization Act
About SOPA – from Google
SD Representative Lora Hubbel
Regulate Marijuana Like Wine Event

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