Saturday, January 21, 2012

Who will win the GOP primary in South Carolina?

Confirmed: Newt Gingrich won the South Carolina GOP Primary by 12 pints, signalling what pundits are calling a successful insurgency against the "establishment" Republican Party.

Bulletin: Newt Gingrich is predicted the winner of the South Carolina GOP Primary as polls close. Governor Mitt Romney is expected to take second place.

Mr. Romney has vowed to continue his campaign in Florida, and hinted that he will hammer on Mr. Gingrich's work on behalf of the troubled mortgage guarantor Freddie Mac.

“Let's have him describe his relationships in Washington,” Romney said Saturday in Greenville, turning up the heat on Gingrich and highlighting the ex-speaker’s work on behalf of troubled mortgage giant Freddie Mac. “If people think Washington is the answer, if people think someone who spent the great majority of their life in Washington, I'll be surprised."

No matter who wins, it won't be us...

“Both the Republicans and the Democrats are leading us down the road towards totalitarianism ... They may be coming at it from slightly different angles, but the result is the same. “
– Chuck Baldwin

Top pollsters say the race has turned into a dead heat between Speaker Newt Gingrich and Governor Mitt Romney.

A key clue: When Governor Rick Perry went home with his 2 percent, he threw it to Gingrich.

New development: Published reports have it that Gov. Romney has stashed millions in the Caymans. Bug out moo-lah?

The pollsters say:

Clemson Palmetto Poll: Gingrich leads with 20% uncommitted

Public Policy Polling – Gingrich leads Romney by 6 points 35-29

Rasmussen: Gingrich 33%-Romney 31%

Insider Advantage: Gingrich 31%-Romney 28.8%

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