Wednesday, January 25, 2012

CBS reporter Lara Logan admits PTSD one year later

"60 Minutes" reporter Lara Logan told newsmen in New York that nearly a year after the sexual assault she suffered in Cairo's Tahrir Square, she still has nightmares in the daytime, whether awake or asleep.

In February of 2011, 20 men tore her clothing off her body and raped her repeatedly for about 25 minutes before some quick-thinking Egyptian women came to her rescue and formed a protective circle around her. Egyptian soldiers then evacuated her and she caught the next plane back to America where she sought hospital treatment during a short stay.

The attack occurred during the celebration over the resignation of Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak.

The video clip above details the kind of brutal war conditions the veteran reporter, a mother who is 40 years of age, has been covering over the period of a long and eventful career. In this interview, she allows an American colonel to explain the kind of improvised explosive devices his unit and others struggled to rid Baghdad's Airport Road of on a daily basis during that protracted war.

The Veterans Administration has a number of female soldiers, sailors, Marines and Airmen under treatment for similar problems which developed after they were raped during war time.

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