Thursday, January 12, 2012

Marines pee on dead - catastrophic, not serious

BULLETIN: The plight of soldiers who appear in a video peeing on the bodies of enemy dead just took a much more serious turn. Department of Defense Secretary Leon Panetta decried the actions of U.S. Marines depicted urinating on the corpses of enemy dead.

"I have seen the footage, and I find the behavior depicted in it utterly deplorable," Mr. Panetta told newsmen.

Somewhere in Afghanistan – Ever hear the one about the ant that climbed up the elephant's leg?

No, this isn't about the four blind men checking out the elephant's anatomy, nor does it have anything to do with the ant's intentions of rape or anything of the sort. Get over that.

This story is about how the ant got pissed off, okay?

As in other episodes of the protracted decade-long war against America's most implacable foes, the adherents of Islamic jihad, peace applicants have termed the latest offense against the sensibilities of the hajj the way the royal Hapsburg court at Vienna often did.

Though it's definitely a development that is considered catastrophic to prospects for peace, it's considered as nothing that is really and truly all that serious.

According to published reports, though the Taliban has expressed “outrage” at the prospect of all attempts at a peaceful conclusion to their holy war with Uncle Sam, this latest development is not considered all that important in prospects for peace.

Apparently, they weren't really all that keen on arriving at a peaceful conclusion of hostilities with the Devil Dawgs of the U.S. Marine Corps who have been attached to the international assistance force currently evacuating and standing down in this long, drawn-out, extremely costly war.

According to the Marines, though the command structure is conducting a thorough investigation, all personnel involved in the videotaped incident depicted herein are no longer in-country.

Tut tut.

Be it remembered that it is part of the current mythology of record that the 9/11 attacks against America were hatched by Al Qaeda fighters led by the Saudi Arabian Osama bin Laden while hiding out in caves in the mountainous regions of Afghanistan's border with Pakistan.

Semper Fi, Mac!


  1. Altough this may not represent the corp values exactly, I can't say that I take much (any) issue with any material shown in that clip.
    In about one half of a NY second, I'd hike my dress to pee on anyone who wanted to murder my brothers in arms, too. SEMPER FI!

  2. I'm not sure if you mean the Corps' values, the core values, or corporate values - exactly, sis-tah. But I do want you to know I am highly simpatico con usted. I harken back to the dim memory of that day so long ago when a qualified rifle instructor attached to the United States Navy Department at Miramar Naval Air Station stood before the class and said, "When an individual attempts to MURDER me! Take my NAME! Kill ME! I take great umbrage at that! I want to grab my weapon and do some SERIOUS harm to his BODY! Do I make myself CLEAR? I can't HEAR you!..." etc. It was his intention, he said, to turn us into instruments of WAR, to apply with skillful precision AMERICAN firepower to all who attempt to KILL or otherwise HARM ourselves, our GEAR or our COMRADES in arms. We spent the next ever so little while of our young lives rolling around in some very itchy dirt, "snapping in" our firing pieces and preparing to FIRE for EFFECT on the RIFLE range. Do what THOU wilt, Sis-tah. Piss on the graves, bodies or personal effects of ALL who would oppose the will of We The People of the United States Of America! ALL HAIL! GOD SAVE the United States of America. I have spoken. So mote it be. - The Legendary