Thursday, November 29, 2012

Model legislation to challenge unconstitutional law...

Texas 'grand jury' selected by 'sortition'

The Tenth Amendment Center has proposed a "commission" that would challenge unconstitutional federal law and support litigation to nullify it...


Commission. Establish a “Federal Action Review Commission”, as a kind of grand jury, to meet frequently with rotating membership drawn from a pool of constitutionally knowledgeable persons, excluding public employees, contractors, or pensioners, active lawyers, or current members, selected at random by a sortition process. Such commission shall be empowered to review the constitutionality of current or proposed federal legislation, regulations, practices, rules, decisions or other actions, and if it finds such actions to be unconstitutional, to issue an edict, with the force of law, requiring that no state or local officials, employees, or contractors cooperate in the enforcement of such usurpation, and urging state citizens to also refuse to cooperate. here for a good time)

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