Saturday, November 17, 2012

O-man and Netanyahu agree: Israel rightfully defends

Israeli rocket hits downtown Gaza City

Aboard Air Force One - Following Israel's assassination of the Hamas commander in Gaza, President Obama and Mr. Netanyahu of Israel agreed that beleaguered nation has a right to defend itself against attacks in Gaza.
Israel launched the offensive on Wednesday by assassinating Hamas' military commander, but Deputy National Security Advisor Ben Rhodes said the U.S. believes "the precipitating factor for the conflict was the rocket fire coming out of Gaza. We believe Israel has a right to defend itself, and they'll make their own decisions about the tactics they use in that regard."
He added, "These rockets have been fired into Israeli civilian areas and territory for some time now. So Israelis have endured far too much of a threat from these rockets for far too long, and that is what led the Israelis to take the action that they did in Gaza."

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