Monday, April 5, 2010

AG In 13-state Parlay to Defeat Obamacare in Court

Texas G.O.P. Wants Demos To Support Constitution in Test

The Republican Party of Texas flung drew a line in the sand

Top party officialsinvited Democrats to stand with them and
not their party to help Attorney General Greg Abbott defeat

Mr. Abbott has joined 13 other states in a constitutional
challenge to the new law, which will require citizens to
carry health insurance or face bureaucratic strictures.

"We call on Texas Democrats to stand with the people of
Texas, and not their party. We call on Texas Democrats to
put party fealty aside and support our Constitutional
liberties. And we support Attorney General Greg Abbott's
quest to bring down Obamacare."

Texans of all political stripes are urged to check in at for further information.

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