Wednesday, April 14, 2010

First Day - Chet Takes First Swipe At Bill Flores

He claims Flores is the chosen one of the GOP National Committee

Incumbent District 17 Representative Chet Edwards opened up
his general election campaign the first day with an attack
on his opponent.

In a brief video released in numerous venues besides the
YouTube directory, he told viewers "Now that the general
election campaign is underway" he wanted to let them know
that "...Mr. (Bill) Flores has been recruited by Washington
insiders to try to buy our congressional seat, even though
he has never voted in an election in our district - not even

Mr. Flores raised almost a million dollars for his primary
battle to get through his runoff with Rob Curnock - more
than half of it from his own contributions.

The latest figures from the Federal Elections Commission
show that Mr. Edwards has one of the top fifty campaign
warchests on hand at $1,309,661 as of December 31, 2009.

Many rumors have it that Mr. Flores is the chosen of the
Republican National Committee, the choice of big oil
interests willing to spend massive amounts on advertising
now that the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that corporations
have the same rights as individuals to finance political
advertising as an extension of the First Amendment right to
free speech. He is the retired CEO of Phoenix Exploration,
a Houston firm he guided to a spot in the corporate
hierarchy of owning massive amounts of offshore mineral
rights in Louisiana and Texas. He negotiated a $250 million
buy-in by the Carlyle Group to bump the company's worth up
to $350 million overnight.

He moved to the College Station area from his home in
Houston to take over the operations of the Texas A&M
University Alumni Association at his alma mater. From
there, he launched his bid to oppose Mr. Edwards in

Mr. Flores sent e-mail messages to people who had contacted
his campaign during the primary battles. He thanked them
for "helping me win" and made reference to the "personal
attacks" that Chet Edwards is leveling at him in the media.

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