Thursday, April 29, 2010

GOP Congressional Candidate Demands Changes

Bill Flores insists on Term Limits, Pay Cuts, Realignment of
Priorities and Transparent Appropriations

The Republican candidate for House of Representatives District 17
called for a major shakeup in the way Congress does business.

Here are the changes Bill Flores proposes.

Congressional Pay vs. Public Pain - Congressmen should not get a
pay raise if Social Security recipients don't get one. They
should get a net pay decrease when unemployment is exceptionally
high, as it is now.

All Laws Must Apply to the Federal Government - Congress has
exempted itself and most federal government employees from many
federal laws and programs.

Term Limits - As determined by the voters, Congress should have
term limits. The Fouding Fathers never intended for
Representatives and Senators to have a life long career in the
halls of Congress.

Servant leadership - We should not have to remind Members of
Congress who they work for. . . after all, as my Mother used to
tell me often, "we all put our pants on the same way."

Replace Earmarks with a Transparent Appropriations Process -
While there are important fiscal arguments against the use of
earmarks, there is also a more important philosophical one. The
unrestrained use of earmarks by Members of Congress is primarily
for their own reelection, not for the public good.

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  1. Have we really gottent ot he poit where term limits have progressed form last resort to necessary action? I like Bill Flores but sure hate to admit he is right about term limits. Bill Flores is probably right but it still stinks. That's voter apathy for you.