Monday, April 5, 2010

Flores Gets Nod from Phil Gramm and "The Bryan Eagle"

Senator Phil Gramm will join Bill Flores on Wednesday for a
campaign swing through Congression District 17. The pair
will stump at Cleburne first thing, hold a fundraiser and
press conference at Waco around noon and finish the day at
Bryan-College Station.

The Bryan Eagle gave Mr. Flores a key endorsement in his bid
to get the nomination in the April 13 runoff election with
Rob Curnock so he can face Representative Chet Edwards in
the general election on November 2.

The 17th is Senator Gramm's old Congressional District. He
was first elected to it as a Democrat, then switched parties
and made common cause with such Repubilcan luminaries as
Dick Armey of Irving and House Speaker New Gingrich of
Marietta, Georgia, before taking up the Senatorial banner
and serving multiple terms as a Republican Senator from the
Lone Star State.

He is a former economic professor from Texas A&M University
where Mr. Flores President of the Alumni Association.

"I am proud to endorse Bill Flores in the Republican Runoff
Election. Bill has extraordinary experience creating jobs,
blanancing budgets, meeting payolls, and helping grow
America's economy, Said Senator Gramm. "Congress needs
people like Bill Flores who can use their business
experience to help stop out of control spending in
Washington. It is imperative that Republicans win back
control of the Congress and Bill Flores is the one man in
this race that not only can win, but will win."

Mr. Flores said he is "honored and humbled" to have Senator
Gramm's support, someone he called a "fiscal hawk" who
"courageously sounded the alarm on growing budget deficits,
reckless spending, and our ballooning national debt."

He is the former founding CEO of Phoenix Exploration, an
offshore oil operation that exploits riparian rights on
leases in Louisiana and Texas.

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