Thursday, April 1, 2010

Flores Saturates 17th District With New TV AD

The Bill Flores campaign starts a new ad saturating all
markets broadcast and satellite today throughout
Congressional District 17.

"Those folks in Washington think they can spend us out of a

"I'm Bill Flores and I'm running for Congress to stop all

Similar radio spots have extolled the virtues of limited
government, reduced spending and regulation and the solid
business sense of creating jobs, expanding markets and
giving business the confidence to start new projects.

Mr. Flores has vowed to pink slip Congressman Chet Edwards,
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and President Barack Obama. He
often refers to Mr. Edwards as "Nancy Pelosi's enabler,"
characterizing liberal tax and spend tactics as a disease,
an obsessive compulsive disorder curable only through
intensive psychotherapeutic techniques.

A recently retired CEO of Phoenix Exploration, a Houston-
based petroleum company that operates offshore in riparian
leases throughout coastal Louisiana and Texas, he has been
known to raise as much as $350 million from such diverse
sources as The Soros Fund and The Carlyle Group. He is
President of the Texas A&M Alumni Association and an A&M
grad who bagged a career as a CPA and went on to become
Chief Financial Officer of Marine Drilling and a co-founder
of Phoenix.

Many rumors circulate suggesting that Mr. Flores is the
chosen one of the Republican National Committee. He has
raised a war chest in the neighborhood of three-quarters of
a million dollars, according to figures posted by the
Federal Election Commission and Open

He faces Waco small business man Rob Curnock in the April 13
Republican Primary runoff to gain the nomination to face
Chet Edwards in the General Election Nov. 2.

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  1. Pretty nifty trick. Earning millions through government-issued contracts, then reviling government's involvement in the economy.