Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Flores Camp Hits Curnock Homestead Exemption -

Claim He Has Benefitted From $2,000 in Undue Tax Benefits

According to a press release issued by the Bill Flores For
Congress organization, Rob Curnock has benefitted since 2006
from a homestead exemption on a house where he does not

Records show that the $150,000 property at 3615 Hillcrest
Drive in Waco has been receiving the exemption since 2006.

"...Curnock has benefitted from almost $2,000 in undue tax
benefits on the Hillcrest property," says a press release
from Mr. Flores' campaign manager, Matt Mackowiak.

This is because, "According to various voter databases,
Curnock's address for voter registration purposes has been
the (4112) Erath...address, including the March 2, 2010

Under homestead law, a person must choose his principal
abode as the property he homesteads - up to 1 acre in town
or 160 acres in the country.

"In the 2006-2009 tax years," the press release alleges,
"according to the McLennan County Appraisal District
website, Curnock has benefitted from almost $2,000 in undue
tax benefits on the Hillcrest property." The release noted
that does not include interest and penalties should the
county go after the uncollected funds.

Mr. Flores faces Mr. Curnock in a Republican Primary runoff
election on April 13.

Mr. Curnock was unavailable for comment at the time of this
posting. The Legendary will seek him later today.

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  1. Seems like a nonissue... Just as he received the protection on the Hillcrest property, he didn't recieve the exemption on his place of voter registration.

    Just as silly as the Curnock complaint about where Bill boted.