Thursday, April 29, 2010

Conservatives Plan Anti-May Day May Day Rally in Waco

Plan to hit illegal immigration forces at City Hall

Conservative Hispanics plan to hold an anti-May Day rally on
Hertitage Square at 7 p.m. Saturday - rain or shine.

Espousing the idea that Hispanic values are actually
conservative values, Duke Machado of GOP Is For and
Bert Hernandez of Hispanic Club of McLennan County plan to
have an open microphone rally to allow people to voice their
opposition to political forces who oppose state laws against
illegal immigration.

This week Arizona signed a law into effect that will allow
police officers to arrest and book any illegal immigrant
they apprehend in that state. The plan is to turn the
violators over to federal authorities for deportation.

Protestors smeared refried beans on the windows of the
capitol building at Flagstaff while the legislators hammered
ou the details of the new law. Bright and early next
morning, the Governor signed the bill into law.

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