Friday, April 2, 2010

Hispanic Man Raps 4-Point Program To Escape Poverty

David Saucedo launches his wiry frame across the stage,
rapping for the Tea Party Express as it makes its way across
the midwest.

His words rhyme as he preaches a new gospel of busting out
of the kind of mold politicians have created for he and his
fellow Hispanic people.

The Waco man is a product of the barrio, but he wised up

A sample: "We have sat back for decades, allowing our nation
to sink to a level of dependency our founding fathers would
have dreaded."

He sees government programs and handouts as nothing but a
way for the power structure to keep he and his people in a
poverty so deep they don't even know they're poor.

He's now the Republican delegate to his county convention
and a member of Waco Tea Party's leadership council, and on
the bus rapping about empowerment through political action,
limited government, reduced spending and lower taxes on a
nationwide tour.

The number one item on his program is education.

"The education system in this country is clearly leaving our
children with a less than adequate educations."

A community activist and Christian Minister, he calls for a
return to the values of the classroom.

"Today's children nad youth learn more from Hollywood, music
and games than they do from their entire 12 years of public

The solution?

Tell the kids about the realities of taking drugs and
getting violent at the drop of a hat. It's a known way to

Second: Take control of community development.

Recycling goods the way WacoWeCare does is a key industry in
hard times. A project of Right Track Ministries, it puts his
ministry "in the process of cleaning up areas of our city
that have been a problem for way too long..." It's a way to
make room for people to visit family friendly recreational
destinations in the community, he says.

Third: Community Health Initiative. Obesity, inactive
youth, overeating - it all adds up to the same thing.
People with chronic health problems. "It's safe to say that
the ISD's physical education is not enough." He proposes to
found revenue generating leagues to put on ball games under
the lights every night. Church and city leagues will
flourish under his leadership, he says. To promote
competition is healthy. Wanting to win leads to better
health, he says.

Fourth: Raise political awareness. TeaParty acitivists have
a goal of monitoring every elected official in McLennan
County "and report to the citizens of our county what those
elected officials are doing." It's hard to kid people along
when they know better, Mr. Saucedo says.

"There are minor differences, but they all believe in free-
dom and liberty."

Listen in on Saturday night a 10 p.m.
when he is expected to call in from the road to make an
appearance on Duke Machado's radio blog show. Catch his act

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