Tuesday, April 27, 2010

New law gives state cops the right to jail illegals

Arizona Governor Signs Illegal Alien Bill Into State Law

Early this morning, a state made history by second guessing
federal authority to secure the nation's borders with
Mexico. That power has been reserved by the U.S. Constitution.
- The Legendary

A Hispanic response to news reports:

By Duke Machado

It is not clear to me as a Hispanic if it is constitutional
for Arizona to pass a law making it a state criminal offense
to enter on its territory as an illegal alien.

Furthermore, it's not clear to me if it is constitutional
for state authorities to arrest an alleged illegal alien and
turn them over to federal authorities for prosecution.

However, when someone mentions closing the border,
Republicans fear backlash and Democrats fear loss of
opportunity. If it's possible to remove one's personal and
human attachment, it's a simple decision. In order for our
country to survive and flourish, we must have controls on
certain factors.

One of them, and I believe it's the most important, is the
control of our nation's borders.

When we go to bed at night, we lock our doors, set the
alarm, pray to God for His protection and take comfort in
the fact that we have done all we can to protect our
families from intruders. Just as we protect our homes, we
must protect our borders.

Would we accept unauthorized entrance into our homes?

No, we wouldn't. If people began breaking in, we'd call the
police to come to our aid, catch the intruders, and
hopefully give them the justice they deserve. When an
intruder is caught, they go to jail. There's a consequence
for their action.

So now the people of Arizona are fed up with having to deal
with the results of inaction by the Federal government.

Illegal immigrants kill people in their own homes and locals
are not taking it anymore. They wanted the leadership of
their own state to protect them from these intruders, since
they couldn't rely on the Federal government to come to
their aid. I can't blame them.

The natural step is to put forth actions to protect the
people of Arizona from not only physical assaults on their
person, but also the financial destruction associated with
the high cost to sustain the influx of illegals. How can any
American citizen side with the notion that we must be
politically correct when addressing a very real, dangerous
situation like border control?

If a Hispanic American has issue with it, they need to
reconsider and just look at what happens to countries who do
not secure their borders. Is it so easy to illegally enter
China? What about Russia?

Now, many Texans are talking about following the path of
Arizona. The real question is whether the new law is
constitutional. Only after our Supreme Court justices have
ruled on this, can we be sure of the validity of the law.
One thing is for certain; the tide is turning, and people
are looking for solutions to this issue. Would I support a
Texas law similar to Arizonas? I wouldnt violate the
Constitution for starters, but securing the borders is only
half the battle.

Once you go down that path, you have to have a plan for what
to do with the illegals trapped in an immigration purgatory.
Here's the real question. What do you do with the family
whose father is not legal, whose spouse and children are
legal, but will not survive without his income once he is

Answer that one. Make sure it is a simple process and treats
people with respect, and you've got it. - Duke Machado,
President, Hispanic Republicans of McLennan County



  1. I believe the Arizona law will be found constitutional. And this is why -- when state law and federal law coincide, then state law is valid. For example -- bank robberies. After 9/11 the FBI switched gears and poured resources into anti-terrorist activities. Agents wen to local police departments and told them that for the time being, treat bank robberies as state cases -- they were too busy to work them.

    A second point -- one that is deliberately lied about by leftists. Police officers in Arizona will not be able to make a stop and an investigation in to one's status without there being a prior reason for a stop. So skin color, dress, accents, will not factor into making the stop. Speeding, getting in an accident, engaging in criminal behavior -- that will be the cause for the stop, just as it always has been.

    The question that Duke poses at the end of his post is a big one. Every day that our borders are unsecured, the number of cases like that grows. Now here is something that I wonder about in those cases -- are the parents of the American children gaming the system to use our sympathy for their children to ask us to look the other way when their status comes up? They were willing to break the law to come here. Are they also willing to use their children as pawns to stay here? If so, do they hold us hostage to implementing the law when they are discovered to be illegal and their children are not? Would people who do that be good citizens? Or would they be cynical exploiters of our goodwill?

    This isn't the forum for me to launch into my family's own experience, but I will say that those folks who manage to get to immigrate here legally have to be respected for all the trouble they went through to do it according to US law. It isn't easy and for sure it's not fast. And it is why I sometimes wonder in amazement that those who were lucky enough to be citizens by virtue of an accident of birth, don't understand how valuable their birth right is.

  2. The Legendary Jim ParksApril 28, 2010 at 5:39 PM

    The Legendary wishes to thank Sgt. Hernandez sincerely for his analysis. He is a veteran of the U.S. Army Special Forces, General Manager of Bird-Kultgen Ford at Waco and serves the City of Woodway as a police officer.

    He is well-versed in this subject and eminently qualified to comment.

    What's more, Mr. Hernandez is a naturalized citizen of the U.S. His family came here from Mexico when he was in grade school and patiently went through all required procedures to qualify themselves to become naturalized U.S. Citizens. If anyone knows that this is a possibility to all who come to America with the proper qualifications and the ability to make diligent efforts to become citizens, it's Mr. Hernandez.

    The truth is that if illegal aliens are performing work that Americans will not perform, then their employers are perfectly free to sponsor them for a work visa under immigration regulations. This makes the process of naturalization - which consists primarily of learning and demonstrating proficiency in English, governmental knowledge similar to that taught in high schooll civics, and some simple history lessons - completely available to all those who are so privileged.

    This is precisely the route followed to citizenship by workers sponsored by great railroads such as Southern Pacific, Santa Fe, and Florida East Coast, as well as automakers such as Ford Motor Company and manufacturers of the stature of U.S. Steel.

    Once again, The Legendary Jim Parks thanks these two Hispanic gentlemen for their cooperation. Mr. Machado is President of the Hispanic Republican Club of McLennan County and Mr. Hernandez is Vice President.

    The Legendary
    Jim Parks