Thursday, April 22, 2010

C'mon, Governor. I can read English, too, honest!

By Duke Machado

Governor Rick Perry is patronizing Hispanics by
communicating with us in Spanish.

Yesterday I got an email from Jonathon McClellan. Subject:
"Tejanos por Rick Perry," his All-New Special Facebook site
marketed to people with Hispanic surnames.

As the current internet phenomenon takes root in Republican
circles, it is not unusual to see several "invites" per day,
mostly promoting forums, debates, and candidates. This
particular invite was unique in that it was requesting a
visit to the new "Tejanos por Rick Perry" Facebook page.

Naturally, it was a simple "click this link" and're there.

The first thing you notice is that the entire site is
written in Spanish. The description of the site reads "Esta
es la primera vez que ponemos algo en espanol en facebook.
Cualquier cosa que quieran saber..manden un mensaje," which
simply translated says "This is the first time we have
written something in Spanish on Facebook. If there's
anything you would like to know...send a message."

At the time I became a Fan, there were 12 total members.
There was only one post on the Wall...from the moderator,
Alejandro Garcia.

To be quite frank, the thought of the All-Spanish Republican
Governor's site came across as an attempt to appease
Hispanic voters. The slippery-slope syndrome seemed to be
following closely and the thought of placing mandates on our
schools to provide all-Spanish books, restaurant menus and
anything else that could potentially cause a hindrance for
non-English reading/speaking individuals began rushing
through my mind.

Have you seen how many languages owner's manuals come in
now? It's easy to understand why Sony would print their
owner's manual in several languages, but they sell their
product around the world. We (Texas) has a "product" as
well. Our product is a state that upholds its constitution,
protects the people and creates a strong economic
environment for its citizens to thrive. Our product is
precious and is only available to those who become a citizen
of this state and pledge allegiance to it.

The Hispanic issue has been lingering for decades as a
reminder of what happens when one Party is allowed to
mislead and deceive a people. True, the Democrats have
pandered to Hispanics and the results...Obama is our
President. Now, many Republicans are beginning to awake to
the reality of a Hispanic Majority in Texas and at the same
time, realize the majority of them are

Back to this Facebook page...

The decision to create an all-Spanish site for Gov. Rick
Perry goes against everything my grandparents taught me.
They preached every night about the need to get good grades
and learn as much as we could. They spoke to each other in
Spanish, but when they spoke to us, it was in English.

I decided to post a comment.

"Not sure I like seems like something the
Democrats would do to appease Hispanics."

This was removed.

Guess they're not interested in hearing from HISPANICS.
Makes one realize why we are in this situation to begin

Duke Machado
Duke Machado, President, Hispanic Republican Club of
McLennan County
(254) 214-9368

The Hispanic Republican Club of McLennan County is dedicated
to the advancement of Conservatism throughout the Republican
Party, with a focus on building bridges into the Hispanic

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  1. If you think they don't read "The Legendary," think again.

    The Duke got a reply bright and early next morning from Mr. McLellan. He said he got his point and referred him to Alejandro Garcia, coordinator of Hispanic Affairs for Governor Rick Perry.

    We talking results, here.

    The Legendary