Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Lieberman calls for nuclear option against Iranians

He contemplates a bid for the Oval Office as an Independent

Calling Sarah Palin a spokeswoman for disaffected Americans,
independent Senator Joe Lieberman said he will likely run
for President on neither of the mainstream parties' ticket.

He also called for America to match the Iranians' saber
rattling tactics with a stolid assurance that this nation
will answer their threats with a solid plan to deploy
nuclear weapons if the President orders such an attack.

Why? If the Irnanians acquire nuclear weapons, plans for
peace between Palestine and Israel would be put in the past,
an afterthought and a footnote to history.

He said it's his opinion "because the clients of Iran,
Hezbollah and Hamas, strengthened by an Iranian nuclear
umbrella, will turn more ferocious, not just against Israel
but first against their enemies among the Palestinians,
which is the current leadership of the Palestinian

As Chairman of the Homeland Security Committee, Mr.
Lieberman has great influence over such matters.

He said he opposes the Obama doctrine that the U.S. would
not use nuclear weapons to respond to an attack with
biological or chemical weapons if the attackers do not
possess nuclear weapons.

He prefers the "appropriate ambiguity" of the past U.S.
posture on the matter.

"We're in a war not with some nebulous group of violent
extremists. We not in a war with environmental extremists
or white extremists. We're in a war with violent Islamist
extremists and terrorists. The people who attacked us on
9/11 were not just violent and extreme, they were motivated
by an ideology of Islamist extremism which took the religion
of Islam and essentially transformed it into a radical
political idology."

The first rule of war is simple enough, he added in the
exclusive interview with Newsmax's Washington Bureau Chief,
"know your enemy."

He said he can no longer blindly follow a single party line.
He must follow his inclinations, his conscience fed by
manifold sources of information.

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