Saturday, April 3, 2010

Two American Blondes Hell-Bent On Jihad Terrorism

Like any soap opera, the story is just too good to be true
and gets wilder and wilder by the minute.

Though the U.S. Government official is not authorized to
talk about it - which one ever is - one of the dames is
pregnant. When she arrived in Philadelphia from Europe with
her 6-year-old boy, she was arrested and they placed the kid
in a foster home.

When you look into the long, angular face of Jamie Paulin-
Ramirez, 31, of Leadville, Colorado, you are looking at any
tall, rangy blonde from the Rockies. She appears to be the
kind of girl who might pull you a beer or serve you a plate
of ham and eggs at a crossroads bistro.

Naturally, on the day she arrived in Ireland to take up the
Koran in one hand and the sword in the other, she married a
co-conspirator she had only known previously through
internet chats.

They were enroute to a terror training camp, according to
the government.

Somehow, she met up with Coleen LaRose, 46, of eastern
Pennsylvania where she's been caring for her boyfriend's
elderly father. Through the long hours of the days and the
lonely watches of the night, she's been busy organizing her
fellow Americans to take on the infidels through
conversations in internet chatrooms.

She is also a blonde - her moniker, "Jihad Jane."

Her mission - to kill a cartoonist who depicted the Prophet
in a less than dignified manner.

Her plea - "not guilty."

The Feds busted her when she got off a plane from Ireland,
too, where she and her friend had been detained with six
other co-conspirators, then released.

All this drama has left Ms. Paulin-Ramirez's mother in tears
where she still lives on the slopes of the snowy Rockies.
Her chief worry is about her grandson.

"This has been twice that that little boy has been with his
mother when she was arrested, in two different countries,"
she said. "I need somebody to help me bring that little boy
back here to some sanity. That little boy didn't ask for any
of this."

She said she has no idea if her daughter is

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