Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Republican Honcho Cusses Sibley For Lawsuit

Bill Crocker tells voters about lobbyist's gifts to liberals

The top Republican in the Texas party condemned David Sibley
for seeking injunctive court relief in Austin to keep a
veteran wounded in the 9/11 attacks off the special election

State Senate hopeful Col. Brian Birdwell picked up a key
endorsement when Texas' Republican National Committeeman
denounced the former Senator for making large donations, as
many as 200 of them, to liberal Democrats during his years
as an Austin lobbyist.

Bill Crocker, the Austin man who is the top party official
in the state, made a statement declaring that voters "should
be outraged that Mr. Sibley and his lobbyist friends are
seeking to question Brian's residence whie he was out of the
state on military duty and for treatment of service-related
injuries, and prevent voters from having a real choice on
May 8.

Col. Birdwell was on duty at the Pentagon during the 9/11
attack on the building and sustained burns over a large
percentage of his body.

He has been in Virginia serving his country and calls his
Granbury home his principal abode, something that the former
Senator Sibley has objected to.

In his statement, Mr. Crocker also said, "Republicans should
not be surprised to learn that since leaving office, David
Sibley has not only enjoyed a lucrative career as a
lobbyist, he's played the game well - donating more thatn
200 times and over $112,000 - to liberal Democrats like Jim
Dunnam, Pete Gallego, Kirk Watson, Mike Moncrief and many,
many more. As an Austin lobbyist, he even funded the San
Patricio County Democratic Parety in South Texas. With that
kind of record it's no wonder he wants to use the courts to
keep a true conservative Republican like Brian Birdwell off
the ballot."

Col. Birdwell will appear at Clifton's White Horse Station
on Thursday from 5 to 6 p.m. for a "meet and greet"

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