Monday, January 2, 2012

Izzy Cox, "Bad, Bad Woman..."

Live at Thunderbird Coffee in Ostentatious, Izzy Cox playing voodobilly - a little something she picked up in French Canada and the muddy roads of Texas. All hail this wild child.

Dig this entry from her bio: Izzy Cox an anarchist crooner she has coined the style Voodoobilly Jazz as her own;
Influenced by old movie soundtracks, Old time bar room blues and country singers.Her lyrics are like diary entries.. Stories of serial killers, buckaroo cowboys, snake handlers and sports of nature .
She had a unusual childhood, for the formative years of her life she would live part of her years in rural texas, and then in french canadian montreal.Throughout her moving around she was part of a religious organization where she played in marching bands.
At the age of twelve she found the traveling bug, she lived and worked in horse racing tracks, traveled with circuses and took part of many early punk rock mosh pits...

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