Monday, January 2, 2012

NAFTA and the flow of drugs and guns from Mexico

Monday, January 2, 2012

U.S. Academic Discusses Mexico's Drug War with Researcher

Zac Deibel

Prof. George W. Grayson, an expert on Mexican affairs, discussed "Mexico's Drug War" in an interview with Zac Deibel, a Research Associate for the Council on Hemispheric Affairs (COHA).

1. In view of the beginning of the "spill over" effect of the Mexican drug war into the U.S., do grounds exist for a review of NAFTA, including its clauses banning unfettered ground transportation?

That's been decided-the trucks are now moving. The first truck entered the country about a month ago, and so, after 17 years, that particularly contentious clause in NAFTA has been satisfied. The trade agreement in general has been a boon for the Mexican economy, at least its macroeconomy. It means, however, that there are many more truck, rail, air, and water crossings and, as a result, an increased northward flow of drugs and a southbound stream of arms.

2. Do you favor a debate on the decriminalization of the use of marijuana, and possibly further in the future, the decriminalization of cocaine and heroin?

Yes. There certainly should be a debate. It's impossible to win a drug war; at best, you can hope to manage such a conflict. The U.S. must do more in terms of education and the treatment of addicts. It is counterproductive to throw people in jail for the possession or the sale of a small amount of drugs; all too often, they enter the penal system as amateurs and emerge as professionals...

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