Friday, February 3, 2012

"Angry female" and ex-Ranger husband win massive lawsuit

Waco - Ex-Texas Ranger Matt Cawthon and his wife Shelly Horn Cawthorn fought a custom home builder to a stunning victory, winning attorney's fees, damages, payment for unsatisfactory work done on their new home, and an acquittal of a defamation of character charge. One of 19 findings held a conviction on the charge of fraudulent practices against the firm.

Summing up his case for Brazos Star Homebuilders, LLC, attorney Stephen Fontaine told the 11-woman, 1-man jury "This is this angry female who says they are liars and thieves, and 'I'm going to put them out of business.'" As he spoke, most of the female members of the jury panel became rigid with anger, and when they finished their deliberations, they repudiated the actions of the father-son homebuilding team Marvin and Andrew Steakley and returned a take nothing judgment to their corporation while awarding all damages and other consideration to the married couple who contracted with the company to build their new home.

Mr. Steakley had in December of 2011 released intimate financial records such as banking records, credit slips, the couple's social security numbers, and other sensitive information regarding the couple he obtained during the discovery phase of the case to the local Sheriff's office, the Waco "Tribune-Herald," and other persons. He is a member of the committee to elect Chief Deputy Randy Plemons Sheriff of McLennan County.

Mr. Cawthon is an ardent supporter of retired Deputy U.S. Marshal Parnell McNamara, a candidate looking to unseat Deputy Plemons. He is now a Special Officer of the U.S. Marshals Service on the Futigitive Warrants Task Force who is working as a consultant to the Institutional Division of the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. - The Legendary.


  1. Can you not just report a story without the Mark Twain dialogue and the "good ole boy" verbal stabs and gestures? You are so boring.

  2. Funny, I was just thinking the same thing about you.

    1. Except mine took than two lines and yours several pages...yawn.

  3. Such a by-line - Anonymous. I'll bet your mama would be real proud of your moniker, Mr./Ms. HeSheIt Anonymous. Such a by-line. Did you make that one up yourself? Or did you read it on a cereal box? - The Legendary

  4. Builder had no chance of winning with 11 women on the jury