Thursday, February 2, 2012

Troubadours pay tribute to Sherri Farmer at Time Out

El Muzicalizado - The Troubadour Brian Burns

"Dawn at the Alamo"

A sterling line-up of central Texas troubadours a la muzicalizado plan to benefit Sherri Farmer at the Time Out Sports Bar this coming Saturday, Feb. 4.

Singer-songwriter Brian Burns, a chronicler of such historical epics as the Siege of the Alamo and “The Crash at Crush,” involving the planned spectacle of a head-on collision of two steam-powered locomotives on the MKT tracks in 1896, will join John Maxwell, James “Slim” Hand, Casey Kelley and Dr. Shame in an all-day show that starts at 2:30 with barbecue, a raffle for a gun cabinet, and an auction conducted by the noted and golden-throated Cody “Supaman” Daniel.

4114 Bellmead Dr, Waco, TX 76705-2656
Timeout Sports Bar
(254) 412-0636

One more time, maestro. Check out el deguello, the Mexican bugle call for "no quarter." It will wake you up in the morning, pronto, as los pobrecitos, the gallant defenders of the Alamo, learned on that March morning in 1836. They do it different in Spain, but, oh, well, my passaporta, she ees expired, anyway.


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