Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Turnout low in sunshine state GOP primary

Romney beats Gingrich by 14.5 percent

NamePartyVotesVote %
WinnerRomney, MittGOP771,84246.4%
Gingrich, NewtGOP531,29431.9%
Santorum, RickGOP222,24813.4%
Paul, RonGOP116,7767.0%
Perry, RickGOP6,7420.4%
Huntsman, JonGOP6,1820.4%
Bachmann, MicheleGOP3,9470.2%
Cain, HermanGOP3,4810.2%
Johnson, GaryGOP1,1860.1%

Tallahassee - Gov. Mitt Romney's easy victory over former Speaker Newt Gingrich left pollsters, pundits, strategists and other assorted political gearheads scratching at their scalps Tuesday.

With something over 777,000 votes to his credit, Mr. Romney socked it to Mr. Gingrich, who had only a little over a half-million supporters in this massive swing state.

A quick check of the numbers shows that some 300,000 registered Republican voters stayed away from the polls, causing deep thinkers from the GOP side of the aisle to ask why.

Key Romney campaign operatives credited the ex-Massachusetts Governor's win to voter trepidations about the economy - and November.

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