Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Special ops soldier calls Iranian shadow war

Israeli commando vying for House seat

Midlothian – With extensive experience fighting against Muslim terrorists, both inside the borders of Israel and in raids carried out in other nations, Itamar Gelbman acknowledged a shadow war against Iran's desire to become a nuclear power.

A candidate for U.S. Representative Joe Barton's District 6 seat, Mr. Gelbman is a dual citizen with roots in New York and a home in the Metroplex following a career as an Israel Defense Forces paratrooper.

He now does private security work for multinational corporations.

Mr. Gelbman is calling the war one that is fought inside American borders, as well as on the streets and in the deserts of the Mideast.

He blames what he sees as a grave security situation on inaction by President Barack Hussein Obama.

“Yesterday (Monday), assailants targeted Israeli diplomats in India and Georgia in near-simultaneous strikes, these assailants were sent by Iran and it’s Lebanese proxy, Hezbollah. It was only a few months ago that Iran sent assailants to target diplomats on American soil, and how did Obama react?

“By doing what he does best, begging our enemies to join us to discuss peace while throwing our allies under the bus.”

Mr. Gelbman acknowledged the Israeli army's shadow war against Iran that commenced last month with a special ops attack on the director of that nation's nuclear program.

Two Israeli operatives astride a motorcycle rode next to his car on his morning commute to work and placed a magnetic limpet mine on its surface. The resulting explosion killed the key player in Iran's ongoing efforts to join the global nuclear club.

But it's the religious nature of the shadow war that concerns Mr. Gelbman, something he vows to bring to the forefront of conservative politics if elected to a seat in the House of Representatives.

“Iran’s leaders are extremists who believe that dying when killing non-Muslims will earn you a place in heaven, this set of mind is unparallel.

“How can you fight someone with talking while they are not afraid to die trying to kill us?”

Aside from the continuing cat and mouse game the Iranians are playing with the U.S. Navy in the Strait of Hormuz, a 35-mile-wide pinch point in the Persian Gulf that carries 20% of the world's petroleum supplies to market in western refineries, Mr. Gelbman says he is most concerned with the Iranian effort to build nuclear missiles capable of reaching European and American targets.

“Iran has been building and experiment on long-range missiles capable of reaching Europe and the U.S.A, unlike the Cold War, this war won’t be fueled by power greed, but by a religious war, and that is the danger that everyone seems to ignore.”

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