Tuesday, February 21, 2012

McNamara's focus - drugs, burglary, home invasion

Above all - a great respect for 2nd Amendment
Crawford – The elderly couple phoned police because they were menaced by thugs in the wee hours of the morning. Officers did a drive-by of their opulent home located barely a block off Lake Shore Drive in Waco, then failed to respond altogether around 3 a.m.

“This still haunts me,” Parnell McNamara told friends and supporters who crowded into the lobby of the Security Bank in this small city, the home town of President George “Dub-yah” Bush.

“The son-in-law came in and found them beaten to death at 10 a.m. the next morning...”

The truth is, said the veteran of 32 years as a Deputy U.S. Marshal – half of them as the Deputy in Charge of the Waco office – that drugs are the root cause of the violence, the burglary and the home invasions that lead to murder and most other forms of human misery.

He intends to put a drug squad on the streets under the supervision of the Sheriff's Department, as well as a cold case squad to clear the hundreds of violent murders that have gone unsolved in Waco and McLennan County over the past decade.

“If you're looking for someone who will put on a badge and a gun, then hang around the office, I'm not your guy,” he said to peals of laughter.

He ended his remarks on a lighter note after the somber moments of recalling how Mr. and Mrs. Loving lost their lives to violent home invaders, a cold case from 2001 that has still not been cleared.

My opponent has been going around saying I'm a one-term Sheriff...I want to thank him for acknowledging that I will be elected...” The throng of well-wishers and contributors cracked up and applauded enthusiastically.

In introductory remarks, Captain Barney Witt of the Woodway Police Department, a former candidate in the GOP primary who dropped out to throw his support to Marshal McNamara, asked the crowd, “When was the last time you saw the Sheriff's Office take a stand on anything?”

Marshal McNamara and Captain Witt both decried the fact that the McLennan County lockup failed a Jail Standards Commission inspection for the third time in a row.

“Y'all know how I feel about private jails. I'm not all that crazy about them,” Marshal McNamara said. He said people who are paid barely more than minimum wage cannot do the job a County employee who works for the Sheriff's Department and not a private corporation can do.


  1. McNamara,I hope you unlock the door to the sheriffs office and to the public and be friendly toward the public.

  2. McNamara believes that to be elected Sheriff by the people means you answer to the public, which requires the Sheriff to keep his door open to the public. IMO, that's something that our current Sheriff and his administration seem to have forgotten 11 years ago. Plemons likes to brag about his 11 years of experience as Chief Deputy, but I think the record will show he's spent 11 years learning how to do the job wrong behind a door closed to the public. McNamara has done a better job enforcing the law in since he's been retired then Plemons has in his 23 year of teaching DARE and padding his paper resume while sitting behind a desk. We need a Sheriff who has actually arrested someone, not one who lets criminals out of jail by mistake, stops deputies from making arrests on wanted criminals, and spends money remodelling an empty building instead of on needed equip for his deputies.

  3. I was at the Sheriff's Debate. Parnell McNamara wants to bring back the multi-agency drug task force. Chief Deputy Plemons advised the drug task force lost its grant funding. Plemons said the Sheriff's Office drug task officers were reassigned as investigators and continue to work drug cases and assist other agencies when asked. When Plemons asked McNamara how he would fund the drug task force McNamara stated that he feels the citizens of McLennan County would not mind paying a little more for a safer place. McNamara wants to RAISE OUR TAXES to problem solve. The question I have is: DO THE CITIZENS OF MCLENNAN COUNTY WANT TO PAY MORE TAXES WHEN WE ALREADY HAVE SHERIFF'S DEPUTIES WORKING DRUG CASES? Let's elect the candidate that has experience in managing the budget and that would be Randy Plemons. I say "NO" to more taxes. Let's manage it with what we have. Please watch the debate for yourself and see how Parnell McNamara wants to spend your money. You can find the debate on UTUBE under McLennan County Sheriff's Debate. Thank you