Thursday, February 2, 2012

McNamara vows to return control of jail to Sheriff's Office

If elected, "I'll do whatever I can" - McNamara

News Bulletin:

Sheriff Candidate Parnell McNamara vowed if elected, "I will do whatever it takes" to wrest control of the administration away from the corporate control of CEC, Inc., and return operations to the McLennan County Sheriff's Office.

A retired U.S. Deputy Marshall with 40 years experience in the law enforcement game, Mr. McNamara gave The Legendary Jim Parks an exclusive quote on the matter when quizzed outside the Bill Logue Juvenile Detention Center on Gholson Road where his sidekick, retired Texas Ranger Matt Cawthon, is facing civil litigation from an area builder who says he owes him money.

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  1. After reading about it failing to meet standards again in its short 2 year history, I'm glad one candidate was already on top of the issue. Sounds like McNamara is aware, ready and willing to lead the Sheriff's Office. Meanwhile Plemons is still listing every continuing education training he's padded his resume with since becoming Chief Deputy instead of taking care of business.