Tuesday, February 21, 2012

CEC, Inc., partner of McLennan County Sheriff's Office

McLennan County receives fees from a private corporation that operates one jail with no prisoners while at their other location, the jail is only half full and the federal government withdrew its prisoners because of substandard health care and filthy conditions.

The Sheriff is paid a hefty annual fee to perform inspections he does not perform, the corporation pays rent on an empty jail. Is there a problem here?

Let R.S. Gates explain his views on the subject.


  1. The health has always been bad in the private jail Mclennan county even when it was at the glass house down town. I was a officer for two year and it was never clean, and people would even go without health care for several days or weeks. I'm suprised this place is still open 2nd note I'm suprised the goverment has not shut down this place for spending money when they dont need to we use to ship immagrants from del rio to waco for 2-3 days up to two weeks just to ship them back down to the border to be released to go back to mexico, I dont know about you but thats a waste of money....

  2. Amen, my brother. So mote it be. Jail is no place to be. One runs the risk of TB, Hep C, AIDS, the works. Let's face it, they are the new death camps for the undesirable people of the nation. Life on the installment plan suddenly reaches a point of diminishing returns once you're old and sick way before your time. - The Legendary