Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Obamanation time: Tax man taps and raps Tea Party

Six Shooter Junction - Social media sites throughout the nation emitted howls of resounding, painful protest as IRS requests suddenly arrived this week seeking more information from Tea Party honchos.

Apparently, the tax and spend liberals of the current administration have no intention of going to obedient extremes in acceptance of judicial decrees and holdings such as Citizen United v. FEC that say it's okay for multinational corporations to be people with political opinions, or that incorporated not-for-profit civic organizations with a certain tax status should be allowed to become as proactive and activist as the proverbial ward heeler.

The Waco Tea Party suddenly pulled its website down, telling readers and members that it prefers to revamp its social network priorities and is going through an extensive remodeling process.

The new caution is extended to such sites as Facebook and Twitter.

WARNING: The IRS is requesting ALL posts on the Waco Tea Party social media sites such as FB, Twitter, and YouTube. Don't say it if you don't want it made public with the IRS. - Thank you, Management.

Much evidence has surfaced since the formation of the highly influential Tea Parties and such pressure groups as Americans For Prosperity and American Crossroads that multinational corporations in fact wholly fund and apparently supervise and coordinate their activities from their corporate tower offices, after all.

Here is a small sample of what it's all about, from an IRS follow-up request letter regarding a 2010 report to the IRS circulated by the Ohio Liberty Council:

“Does your organization promote or publicize itself using such social media as Facebook?” If so, the organizations affected are instructed to print hard copies of the media and send them along, as well as hard copies of their websites.

How do tea parties and educational groups recruit members? Pointed questions about whether they limit membership to other organizations exempt under Section 501(c)(4) of the code are also asked. If so, what criteria are followed?
(click here for a link to the actual document)

Reached for comment, Tea Party President Toby Marie Walker said, “I can't talk about it, the way it is now. The lawyers and CPA's are handling it.”

Both her name and the name of her second in command Michael Simon appeared on campaign finance forms of candidates for office in the 2010 mid-term elections for performing services for their campaigns.

Talk of Waco personality Shane Warner had plenty to say, however.

On his Facebook page, he wrote:

Hey, all you IRS bureaucratic hacks who get off on the power trip that comes with making all your fellow citizens jump through your little hoops and comply with all your BS red tape, kiss my ass. You're the same kind of people who try to a seat on your Homeowner's Association board because you don't have the stones to go and talk to your neighbor yourself and you'd rather use the force of riduculous regulation to get people to comply with your wishes and desires. The only reason I'm posting this here is because you're apparently reading all these messages. And I haven't been audited...yet. But rest assured, when I am, the excuse by your little paper-pushing IRS agent of "I'm only doing my job" isn't going to be nearly acceptable enough to avoid the level of scorn that's going to come his way. Have a nice day.


  1. I don't even believe there is a letter. Toby would lie in a heartbeat if she thought it would benefit her. I seriously doubt the IRS sent a letter to the Toby Tea Party. I think she just made it up after reading an article about some group in Ohio. Unfortunately we will never know because neither you or Shane Warner require her to produce the letter where the IRS " requesting all posts"

  2. I have not the power, nor the obligation to require anyone to produce anything, sir, for I am neither a Grand Jury, nor a legislative committee empowered to issue a subpoena duces tecum.

    I am merely The Legendary Jim Parks, scribbler extraordinaire, minister without portfolio, plenipotentiary, or any of the trappings of power. Thus fully armed with the license of the First Amendment, I sally forth on a daily basis to inquire of people of good will as to the happenings in their world. The results are always surprising, if not totally satisfying.

    Methinks this untoward happening is proof positive that when the taxman cometh, it matters not if he is doing the bidding of a draconian right wing administration such as the Tricky Dick quest for enemies, or the feel-good policy wonks of the one-world, one-love, gun-grabbing liberal-olas, those pirates of Prozac in pursuit of sanity through chemical lobotomy.

    Considereth, the pointy-headed precision of those piercing questions from TWO YEARS AGO - way back in that glorious year of 2010 - regarding just how that tea party begat its celebrants, and just marvel at the chilly willy pall it casts over the general election war dance du jour. Pay or die, amigo. The ruptured duck is on the prowl, the eagle soars above, just waiting to swoop on the shekels of those who have been taxed enough already.

    I do share Mr. Warner's opinion that it is a sad commentary on today's state of affairs when one stops to consider that the First Amendment is not only considered a guarantee of a freedom of expression and the absolute right to worship as one may choose, but most importantly, it is also a guarantee that one may associate freely with those whom one would choose freely as political bedfellows without sweating the inquiries of the tax men, women, persons or those who would he she it their way through the various pronations of the pronoun conjugations of the known world and its critters.

    I have spoken this my humble prayer for relief.

    My aching back.

    So mote it be.

    The Legendary

  3. Randy, since I am the one who gets the mail (Toby doesn't even have a key to the mail box) and the one who has been filing all of our papers with the IRS, I'm insulted by your baseless accusation. Further more, it is the Waco Tea Party and there are many of us working our asses off so to call it the Toby Tea Party is an insult to all who volunteer their time, money, and efforts. Once we have received the information we need to make informed decisions on the best way to handle the IRS demands, then courses of action will be decided, and the letter will be made public. In the mean time why don't to quit shooting your mouth off about matters that you don't know jack shit about?
    Carol Waddell, treasurer Waco Tea Party