Monday, February 20, 2012

Talkin' beer joint battle royal, caressive puntry sounds

Musicians' Reunion at Al's Tokio Store
Tokio – It doesn't happen often, but when it does, it turns out raunchy and rowdy.

Young girl walks into the beer joint with her family. Barmaid asks her for ID and she gets an attitude, throws driver's license at the girl.

Barmaid throws it back, refuses service.

Fists fly, hair is pulled, owner steps in, gets a chunk of hide and tissue bit out of his forearm.


Both families join in. After all, it's a family beer joint.

Cow-a-bunga! No bueno.

Other than that, there is a lot to flash upon at the workouts for working musicians who appear fortnightly at Al's. No cover, Bubba's burgers, many flavors of brewski, lots of people on hawgs - with dawgs, guitars, friendly faces, wide open spaces.


That's what I'm talkin' about.

Both kinds of music - country and western.

One never knows who will show up, so easy to get there near Exit 351 on I-35 at West. Ask around.
br /> A bass made of a bedpan; a Russian motorcycle with two-wheel drive and a huge mastiff riding in the sidecar; ladies in black leather riding chromed-up, pinstriped metal flake dream machines from Milwaukee.

Outlaw caressive puntry, that's the name of the game.



  1. You should get both sides of the story,before you post it.Because they are always two side to a story. I was there and it didn't happen that way at that time.

  2. Sorry I didn't catch your act, but you seem to have split by the time I got there. What a pity. Why don't you tell us all what happened? I'm sure it's such an attractive little tale. I can tell by looking at Al Cinek's arm. Al is definitely hurting, no doubt. I got that part of the story correct, did I not? But, do, show me where I am wrong. I would love to know more about that. - The Legendary

  3. Where is the part of the story of him choking the woman who bit him to get loose? Where is the part of their friend who jumped an older man from behind and did damage to his face.. This is what i witnessed you should contact the other parties side besides the bar's side!!!

  4. How about that? Why don't you tell us all about it? By the way, what's your name, Mr. or Ms. Anonymous?
    - The Legendary

  5. lets just put it this way i was there when the barmaid choked you one night! must be a daughter like father type thing wouldnt you say? Im done here bc i can see what kind of writer you are, your a one sided writer! Never write until you know the facts of both sides of a story...

  6. I beg your pardon? Hey, Anonymous he/she/it, no barmaid ever choked me, night or day. Never happened. What side of the truth did that come from? As far as what kind of writer I am? Still don't have anything to write about. No one seems to know these peoples' names. When asked to show ID, they punch people in the noggin, then bite someone's arm. Never happen here. If asked to show my ID, I'm going to show them my belt buckle, just like any redneck from Houston would - except there's a problem. I have trouble finding it under all that belly-roll I done growed over it in the Dunlap department. Okay? Hey, no hard feelings. Let's part friends, okay? You don't bite me and I won't print your name, whatta ya' think? - The Legendary

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