Thursday, January 13, 2011

Attorney: ATF Approved Gun Dealers' Selling To Smugglers

Houston - Famous criminal attorney Dick DeGuerin told television newsmen that ATF agents approved sales of guns to customers who fit the profile for smugglers.

“It's all profiling...” he said, explaining that Carter Country, a big box gun sales organization with four Houston outlets which he represents, had tipped off the government that young Hispanic males bought and paid for multiple firearms with cash.

Sales of 5 or more pistols or 3 or more rifles are typical, he said, a fact duly noted by government agencies such as FBI and ATF.

Media reports of Carter Country supplying large amounts of guns later confiscated in Mexico mention only the gun dealer's complicity in the transactions and not the government's approval of the sales or the fact that the dealer has made many reports of suspicious transactions. "They did this for many months," Mr. DeGuerin said.

Mr. DeGuerin was the attorney of record for David Koresh during the siege of the Mt. Carmel Branch Davidian compound in 1993 following the deaths of 4 agents killed while trying to serve arrest and search warrants on the residents suspected of “stockpiling” illegal weapons.

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