Sunday, January 23, 2011

Cease Fire! I'm Just Trying To Turn On The Computer!

Embattled McLennan County Treasurer Danny Volcik got a rude reception in his new office after being sworn in on January 3.

According to knowledgeable insiders, Mr. Volcik found no computer on his desk.

So, he asked for one.

Returning, he found a brand-new computer, but it had no information on it relevant to the Treasurer's office.

Local press lords have taken up the cudgel against the retired Texas State Trooper. He has sought office on the Republican ticket in numerous races, and finally unseated veteran Democrat Bill Helton in the Treasurer's office after a career of 20-plus years.

Elected as a result of voter backlash against Democrats, Mr. Volcik was swept into office on the same 60/40 split as other Republicans nationwide.

Now, the Waco Tribune-Herald has decided he has “a clear lack of qualifications for this financially complicated job.” All this tirade came in an editorial about a proposed piece of state legislation that would make it more complicated to pull a straight ticket when you vote. Two very wise members of the Legislature think it will keep the incompetents and nincompoops out of office if we just slow them down a little bit at the polls.

Hoo, boy!

It will be very complicated if Danny Volcik can't find the check book or any of the rest of the records – all public – that have relevance to his duties as Treasurer.

The news editor held forth, getting more strident and stentorian with each word.

“Did the voters taking part in the tidal wave that swept Democrats out into the political wilderness really mean to replace the highly qualified Democrat in this job with a Republican so lacking in fiscal credentials? We may never know.”

Is that so? Maybe friend Volcik would like to know. How about giving the old boy a try at cracking the books? Whatta ya' say, fellas?

But that's not the last of the golden rhetoric. Sinclair Lewis was right. When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying a cross.

“This much we do know: Americans during the past 222 years have fought for and died defending our system of government and the freedoms it gives us.”

Please! Nobody shoot! He's just trying to turn on the computer, guys. We already had World War III while you were embedded somewhere and weren't watching. Now we are getting ready to meet the payroll and pay into the retirement accounts, parcel out the money to investment coffers, and all that jazz.


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  1. Good thing we live in america where we can read these biased, slanderous and trashy articles by these cowards who want to slam the new treasurer. Did Helton take the old computer with all the relevant treasury info with him. Seems to be your typical trashy article that you find out of the waco trib except I didnt have to pay to read the trash.