Thursday, January 27, 2011

Man Breaks In Courthouse, Raids Mental Health Services

Sean McGuire Stripped, Tore Up The Office, Peed Over Rotunda Balcony

Waco – When newly elected DA Abel Reyna hit his office at the McLennan County Courthouse about noon on Sunday, he could hear a burglar alarm ringing - somewhere.

Mr. Reyna first found a pile of clothing, a wristwatch draped over it, on the rotunda balcony, then noticed a puddle of urine on the first floor,

Sean McGuire, a 35-year-old transient, had broken in the glass door of the second floor, situated at the top of the steep stone staircase on Columbus Ave., then burglarized and vandalized the Mental Health Court Services office.

He tore up computers, smashed scanners, overturned files, then blithely strolled out to the rotunda and urinated over the balcony, sending the stream cascading down to the floor below.

He broke in at 5 a.m. He had been there 7 hours before Mr. Reyna arrived.

No one heard the alarm.

It's not hooked up to an automatic telephone system that summons law enforcement uniformed officers in case of emergencies such as burglary or fire.

So, it was up to the State of Texas' Chief Law Enforcement Officer in the jurisdiction, the District Attorney, Abel Reyna, to apprehend the burglar. He had only by chance visited the courthouse to catch up on some office work.

Mr. Reyna summoned officers, who found Mr. McGuire urinating, once again, in a public place, this time outside the building.

Police charged him with disorderly conduct and burglary.

Before the Commissioners' Court will be able to order a newer, more efficient burglary alarm system, they will first have to seek the approval of the local historical commission.

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