Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Inscribed On The Wall of the House Of Representatives

Congressional Prayer Caucus corrects President Barack Hussein Obama on national motto

in god we trust

Cultural warfare reared its head in the House of Representatives last month.

Devout members of the Congress entered a dispute with President Obama last month when they inserted a letter of protest in the official record over his choice of words in overseas speeches.

The 68-member bi-partisan Congressional Prayer Caucus accused the President of threatening the very foundations of freedom and requested that he meet with them to discuss the matter.

“E pluribus unum is not our national motto,” they wrote in response to the President's assertion in a speech delivered at the University of Jakarta in Indonesia on November 10 that the Latin phrase, “Out of many one” is the “national motto.” Mr. Obama told the audience this shows that “hundreds of millions who hold different beliefs can be united in freedom under one flag.”

The 42 representatives who signed the letter followed up by writing, “Additionally, during three separate events this fall, when quoting from the Declaration of Independence, you mentioned that we have inalienable rights, but consistently failed to mention the source of the right.”

The prayer group's members protested the President's choice of words in asserting that the nation is “unified under one flag.”

According to the Pledge of Allegiance, they wrote, “we are 'one nation under God.'”

National unity “under God” was approved by President Eisenhower after Congress enacted a public law to that effect in 1956 by amending the Pledge of Allegiance and making it the official pledge to the American flag.

John Adams' statement that “religion and morality alone, which can establish the principles upon which freedom can securely stand,” the Congressmen pointed out in their letter of protest.

“If Adams was right, by making these kinds of statements to the rest of he world, you are removing one of the cornerstones of our secure freedom. If we pull the thread of religious conviction out of the marketplace of ideas, we unravel the tapestry of freedom that birthed America.”

According to proponents of the protest, the national media has ignored the matter entirely.

The President has not made any response to the prayer caucus's letter of protest.

The following Representatives signed the letter:

J. Randy Forbe, VA (04)
Mike McIntyre, NC (7)
Paul Broun GA (10)
Steve King IA (05)
John Shadegg AZ (03)
Louie Gohmert TX (01)
Donald Manzullo IL (16)
John Boozman AR (03)
Joseph Pitts PA (16)
David Reichert WA (08)
Gregg Harper MS (03)
Jason Chaffetz UT (03)
Robert Aderholt AL (04)
Jim Jordan OH (04)
Glenn Thompson PA (05)
Steve Austria OH (07)
Jeff Adler FL (01)
Mike Pence IN (06)
Cathy McMorris Rodgers WA (05)
Scott Garrett NJ (05)
Joe Wilson SC (02)
Doug Lamborn CO (05)
John Kline MN (02)
Phil Roe TN (01)
Peter Roskam IL (06)
John Carter TX (31)
K. Michael Conaway TX (11)
W. Todd Akin MO (02)
Zach Wamp TN (03)
Randy Neugebauer TX (19)
Todd Tiarhrt KS (04)
Robert Wittman VA (01)
Vernon Ehlers MI (03)
Tom Price GA (06)'
Spencer Bachus AL (06)
Roscoe Bartlett MD (06)
Mike Rogers AL (03)
Virginia Foxx NC (05)
Thaddeus McCotter MI (11)
Trent Franks AZ (02)
Phil Gingrey GA (01)
Michelle Bachmann MN (06)

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