Saturday, January 29, 2011

Egyptian Situation Described As A “Security Vacuum”

Hamas, Muslim Brotherhood Maintaining A “Presence”

BULLETIN: Macabre reports just surfaced that protesters broke into the Egyptian Museum of Antiquities and in a rage ripped the heads off two mummies on display there. No one was available to stop them. Army troops are by and large friendly to the revolutionary cause.
- The Legendary

Cairo - Intelligence analysts are reporting that Egyptian soldiers and security police have by and large abandoned their posts and the protesters are being given free reign in the streets.

Border crossings from Gaza to Egyptian territory are left unguarded and people are free to come and go freely with no governmental challenge.

Meanwhile, the security forces are busy tearing down public property in an effort to cause the illusion that the citizens are engaging in vandalism.

Members of the Hamas militia, formed from elements of the Muslim Brotherhood, are defending public property and making their presence known in the streets of Cairo and Suez. Western security analysts say they are overestimating their true importance in the lawless equation.

President Mubarak has appointed defense types as Prime Minister and cabinet ministers in an effort to ease a smooth transition from his Presidency to that of his son, Gamal.

Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas are bitterly opposing any such thing, according to unconfirmed reports.

- The Legendary

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  1. From Alexandra I looked out at the Mediterranean Sea.
    And saw how it should be.
    Free and easy with a dash of hope that was the key.
    For the future life for me.