Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Don't Ask, Don't Tell Doth Resound In U.S.S.Enterprise

Pundits call for an examination of naval "culture"
Norfolk - Navy commanders will probably relieve Captain Owen Honors of his command of U.S.S. Enterprise when she gets underway for the mideast later this month.

According to officers and men who have served with the skipper, he is probably unfit for command.

Proof of this is alleged to be found in videos he produced while Enterprise was underway in that theater several years in the past. At the time, the Captain was Executive Officer, or what is known in the Royal Navy as number two in the vessel's command structure.

The incident is sparking official debate about the Navy's “culture.”

Enterprise and other vessels remain on station for periods of one year or more while on patrol in the mideast, commanding carrier battle groups of warships.

Some crewmen objected at the time to the nature of the dialogue, which included slurs against gay people, simulated same sex scenes in shower stalls, and other skits deemed inappropriate.

Apparently, others thought the videos, which were broadcast shipwide over the massive vessel's interior television system, were a total hoot.

The offending videos may be found embedded on the website of the Norfolk “Virginian-Pilot” newspaper.

According to Commander Chris Sims of the U.S. Fleet Forces Command, when asked if the old man will be relieved, “The investigation currently being conducted will provide the necessary information to make that decision in an informed manner.”

Ward Carroll, an aviator who flew with Capt. Honors, called him “one of the good guys.” He is now editor of “Military.com.”

“I was disappointed, both professionally and personally, that he wantonly and with great prejudice walked across the lines that exist,” he said. “I don't see there's any way he stays in command.”

Many members of the crew posted favorable comments on social networking sites such as Facebook in comments about their service with Capt. Honors.

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