Tuesday, January 11, 2011

DeLay “Arrogant” Says Prosecutor – Sentenced To The Pen

"Just because somebody disagrees with you they got to put you in jail, bankrupt you, destroy your family."

Dozens of letters from responsible people, the testimony of well-respected members of the community – none of this swayed a District Judge yesterday in sentencing former House Majority Leader, R-Sugarland, to prison for money laundering.

The lead prosecutor from the Travis County DA's office called him arrogant in not taking responsibility for breaking the law. The judge said those who write law must obey the law.

Mr. DeLay defied their logic and the jury's verdict as the Court pronounced sentence upon him. He could have qualified for probation in the offense, which involved allocating corporate campaign contributions to state legislative candidates running on the Republican ticket.

The prosecution was based on political differences in the heavily Democratic county, which is the seat of the state's Public Integrity Unit tasked with prosecuting corruption cases against government officials, according to Mr. DeLay.

He estimated that he has raised and spent $10 million on his legal defense, which was led by famed criminal defense attorney Dick DeGuerin. Mr. DeLay also told newsmen that his wife's health has been gravely affected by the criminal charges pending against him for many years.

His case is on appeal.

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