Friday, January 7, 2011

They'll Say, but then they always do have something to say...

They’ll Say
by Robert Joseph O'Guillory

They’ll say that I was ill,
of course, they may be right?
Was I never really ready,
simply not up to the fight?

They’ll say that I was lost,
of course, no spirit or will?
Finding death, in a rush of light,
on a sunlit morning hill.

They’ll say that I was wrong,
of course, I know that’s true?
But how does it really matter,
if it’s what I really want to do?

They’ll say that I forgot,
of course, this could be so?
Missed desire to hang around,
lost in a life of painful blows?

They'll say that I needed help,
of course, how can you tell?
A dollop of Horse, just the right vein,
bloated limbs, beginning to swell.

They'll say that I should've asked,
of course, they lie and hide.
Whose life are they trying to sell,
it's okay I was a suicide.


Mr. O'Guillory has retired after an extensive career throughout the world working for the U.S. Department of Defense.

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