Friday, January 7, 2011

Waco DA hits ground running…

Legendary Staff Report by R.S. Gates

I am sure so many citizens were greatly concerned that a man with no prosecutorial experience was elected to the top post of Criminal District Attorney of McLennan County. After 4 days in office, it seems the criminal element is clamoring for a deal.

KXXV report:
Waco man gets 40 years for 2009 apartment complex murder

You can read at the above story Antoine Mitchell was sentenced to 40 years for the murder of 22-year-old Matthew Ash.

News reports elsewhere indicate Mitchell might not have even been the shooter.

KWTX report:
Veteran Firefighter’s Son Pleads Guilty To Father’s Murder

Ramonell Stephens pleaded guilty to the murder of his father and was sentenced to life in prison.Skeptics will say these cases were in the works for some time. Time will tell how well the new District Attorney delivers on his campaign promises but I don’t think anyone in the state or federal government can match this record in 4 days.

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