Monday, January 31, 2011

Radical Imam Busted In Trunk Of BMW At Mexican Border

Imam issued death fatwa for Danish cartoonist who drew cartoon of Prophet Mohammed

San Diego – Curled up inside the trunk of a BMW, Said Jaziri, 43, had paid $5,000 for a ride across the border when Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents inspected the car.

Arrested for illegal immigration, he was held as a material witness against the driver, Kenneth Robert Lawler.

Mr. Jaziri had been deported from Canada earlier as an agent provocateur after he called for the death of Kurt Westergaard following his cartoon depiction of the Prophet Mohammed in 2008. He had allegedly lied on his immigration statement regarding having done time in a French prison. French officials also deported from that nation.

During a short tenure in a Montreal mosque, he caused considerable anger among the Quebecois by branding homosexuals as diseased and agitating for a larger temple to house the burgeoning congregation of Islamic adherents. He was promptly returned to his nation of origin, Tunisia.

Mr. Jaziri allegedly crossed the Mexican border at Chetumal near the border with Belize. He then took a bus to Tijuana where paid a guide to help him climb the border fence near Tecate, then arranged for his covert transportation across the border near San Ysidro.

During a 13-hour flight back to Tunisia after his Canadian deportation, Mr. Jaziri claimed, officials subjected him to mental duress. Canadian immigration officials denied the claim. He had earlier made the statement in support of asylum in that nation that he would be subjected to torture if he was returned to Tunisia.

For some unknown reason, Americans learned of the weekend arrest by reading all about it in British newspapers such as the “Daily Mail.”

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